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Disney Interactive/Avalanche Concept Artist, Sebastien Gallego, was a visiting artist at my university tonight.
This is the most important thing that he said tonight, and possibly the MOST IMPORTANT THING every artist should live by:

"Be a good person.

Be a good father [or mother] first.

Be a good husband [or wife] first.

Then be a good artist second.

At the end of the day, this is just paper.

Work hard on your heartArt is about showing what your life is about. Live your life first.”

I can think of a few artists that I follow on here that are very successful, and you can tell that they are good people to the core. It shows in the art that they make.

No matter what religion you practice, no matter what you believe, being a good person just adds an extra breath of life and vibrancy to your work.

"If you decide to be an artist, there’s probably something wrong with you"
dude that I know that is an artist
saw her on campus
My friend wears cute outfits

I wonder how many artists out there are quietly but intensely art-crushing on each other

Ink doodles.
My contribution to Draw-a-dog Tuesday in the BFA lab :)
First attempt at ink. Permanence scares me!

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Reaaaaaaallly messy WIP of a commish

While leading a group of freshmen around campus, we had this conversation:

Me: There are these blue phone boxes scattered throughout campus that you can use to call the police in an emergency.
One Freshman: It’s a blue box with ‘police’ on it….
Another Freshman (excitedly): Can you also use it to travel through time?

It’s a fact: Dr. Who fans have taken over my college campus